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Blood Pressure spikes early hours of the morning

Not sure if my first question went through. My girlfriend has been suffering from high blood pressure for the past two years. She has been seeing her doctor during this time and has been under medication. She take Metropropal and Losartin. She takes twice a day , at 6AM and 6PM. She takes her BP throughout the day. For the most part her blood pressure is fine throughout day and evening. At times her blood pressure spikes overnight or early morning. The last few days her blood pressure was high during the early morning. Sometimes  she sweats and has difficulty sleeping. She is getting a referral to another cardiovascular specialist that deals with hypertension. Her regular doctor just changes the dosage. There is also a problem with her pulse getting too low when the dosage is raised. It goes down to the 50s. Her blood pressure the last few nights was around 180 between 4am and 6am. Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated,
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Oh ya, the 180 reading is definitely way too high. That's scary.  I have hypertension and take losartin. I'm on a low dose and only take it once a day but it did lower my bp substantially.  I have familial hypertenion or genetic hypertension and it's made worse by weight I carry (as in I need to lose some weight).  Most people do better with blood pressure if they lose some weight. How is your girlfriend in that area? Are there some lifestyle things she could do to help? Does she eat anything on the days that she has the spike as well?

They will likely test her for sleep apnea with a sleep study. If they don't, ask for it. This is a reason for early morning blood pressure spikes like you describe. It also could mean she's not controlled properly on her current BP med regimen.  

Early morning bp spikes is also indicative of heart disease. So, yes, see that specialist. When is her appointment.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/expert-answers/blood-pressure/faq-20058115
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