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Can new side effects appear after years on a medication?

I'm on verapamil ER 180 mg daily.  Have been taking Verapamil for 17 years.
I've never felt quite "right" on it but it hasn't been awful, either.  

However, over the past year or two, I'm having lots of flushing, I get SO hot, and also have some shortness of breath.

I am also on levothyroxine for my thyroid; however, that has been well-controlled for a long time. I really suspect it is my Verapamil causing these side effects.  While I'm extremely diligent about taking my blood pressure meds every day, I'd accidentally missed once lately. The following day, my blood pressure was actually much LOWER than usual.  

Questions:  Can you get new or heightened side effects after years on Verapamil?  And has anyone found it to have a paradoxical effect--that your pressure actually stays higher than it would without the drug?
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Hm, that's got to be frustrating.  When is the last time you talked to your doctor about this medication?   I think I'd get some guidance from your doctor.  Face flushing is definitely listed as a side effect and I would guess missing a dose could be to blame for that happening but has it happened after you were back on track taking the medication?   Here is a whole guide https://www.healthline.com/health/verapamil-oral-capsule#alternatives  
I'll talk with her when I'm there for my yearly in December.  Unfortunately, I seem to be the Queen of Side Effects--tried two other blood pressure meds years ago & had bad reactions.  
I understand.  That's frustrating, for sure.  If you are continuing to flush, I'd go ahead and call early just to touch base with your doctor.  If it isn't happening, then ya, it's probably fine.  If it is ongoing, call your doc and get seen rather than waiting until the scheduled appointment.  Just my 2 cents.  
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