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Is this considered hypertension?

Im 35 yr old white male, dip tobacco, eat regular and excersise 4 to 5 times a week.   I have an anxiety disorder.  Ive been to countless cardiologist over the past 10 yrs for no reason at all.   Over the past couple of weeks my blood pressure has been around 135/80 or maybe 138/82.   I know blood pressure elevates when you walk around and deviates through out the day.  I kept a month long log of my blood pressure and the averages did not seem bad. 128/82 or in 130/80. At my last dr visit my blood pressure was 134/84.  The doc did not even mention it during our visit.   Looking at several posts of hypertension seems like my blood pressure is at the numbers of someone that is on medication for high blood pressure and they are stisfied with those readings. I should mention that if i see an elevated reading on the machine i become impulsive and have checked my pressure 25 plus times a day.  The anxiety ridden part of me knows that keeps it elevated.   Thoughts please.   And if do not have high blood pressure I am not taking away from those who truly suffer from it.  Just looking for real information not google seachea  
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If you've had regular checkups, not just one, there would be a pattern of high BP and the doc unless you have a bad doc would mention it.  But if you're not having any symptoms of high BP and the doc isn't expressing any concern and you're still compulsively checking your BP that suggests an anxiety problem.  Most people, even most anxious people, don't obsessively check their BP.  The only people who should ever do that are people who have been told to do that by their docs.  So what are you doing to treat your anxiety problem?  Do you have a therapist?
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