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Queries on rabies vaccination!

Hi experts,

I am not quite sure on whether is this the right forum to ask this, but any replies will be truly appreciated.

I live in South East Asia and a couple of days ago, a bat frequented my house. It look sick as it try to fly but plopped on the floor frequently, and as I have no knowledge on rabies for bats, I actually chase it out with a stick :)

As I suspect that it may have been in my house prior to our encounter, I did some googling on bat disease and rabies caught my eye. So I took my wife and kids to go for the three doses of preventive vaccination within 72 hours of when I chase out the bat. We are currently waiting for our 2nd dose.

But now I read that bat bites may sometimes be painless and leave no mark? Though I do not see any visible bite scar on my family, I am worried as I am not sure on whether will the preventive vaccination be enough if a bite occurred without us knowing?

Thank you.
Uncle Pew
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The three doses are for PRE-exposure protection.  For POST-exposure protection, you should have also received the immunoglobulin: https://www.immunize.org/askexperts/experts_rab.asp and an additional dose.

While a bat CAN bite without leaving a mark, it isn't all that  likely, and also, the bat could have been sick with something besides rabies.  You should talk to your doctor ASAP about your concerns.
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Thanks for the advise! Truly appreciate it. I called and the hospital did mentioned that they do not have immunoglobulin in stock. As there are no visible scars, maybe I will bring the family for more doses instead.  Thanks again.
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