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Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine Chapter 2

Here is the continuation of surfnsand247's original Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine.
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Hey folks,

I have started a user group. Please feel free to join. With the help of the MedHelp team - we put some measures in place so that negative, disturbing, abusive posters will not get access. Apparently, I am the founder. Well that is a first. I would ahve much preferred to found my own clothing line, but such is life :)

It is not a secret that one poster was writing content that was unacceptable an offensive to the group. There is now a group that you can migrate over to if you want - it is an option if you would like.

The group's name is H1N1 Flu Vaccine Adverse Reaction (I think) and you need to send an email and request to be a member.

I guess in time we will see if we choose the user group or this forum - either way we have solved the problem of being a private group should we want to excercise that option.

To all the new posters - Welcome and...holy crap. Hard to believe that there are those that have suffered more - but Keeping Strong, I think you get the prize for worst affected. Honey, I am so sorry for all your trouble and I cannot even imagine being alone with this for a year before finding us. SO glad you did, but so sorry you are so stricken. I was like you in the beginning, but sloooooowly and graaaaaadually became better over a 10 month period. Stay in touch and I promise your life just got better with finding this group. We are here for you adn you are not alone. Hang in there.

Geofran - It is possible to have the exact same reaction as us from the vacc as from antibiotics. It is a common trigger to neuropathy. Sorry for your troubles, hope you are feeling better soon.

Please post any medical info you get from doctors - we are always starved for any medical info that can provide some answers for what we are going through...

Talk to you soon,

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Hi  Will get backto you am busy for next few days just to let you know I will be back later with longer post

Hi Georgia

Claire     there are others who know more than me about it all. Cathy will prob. be on soon and she knows all about this
Cheers for now
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Sorry I didn't know I wasn't supposed to put a link on here, which got deleted.

Am I allowed to tell you the name of the Facebook page I made?

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One year ago today.  I feel quite emotional today.  And quite numb and tingly as well.  My symptoms keep everchanging as well.  My hands and feet now have pain associated with them sometimes.
Welcome new posters!  So sorry to hear that you are dealing with this stuff too.  Happy to know that after a year we are still keeping positive for each other, this site is good for that.  
Well can't write much right now, but will another time!

take care everyone!
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WOW!!! I can definitely relate to the 2 new posters... I had my flu vaccine on Oct 2nd, 2009.... tinglng like crazy was one of my first symptoms... along with having my hand and feel like it didn't want to move when I tried to move my fingers.... Seeing tons of doctors... neurologist, muscle twitches/spams constantly!!! Taking antibiotics... acupuncturist (waste of time and money... but then again so was the neurologist).... by the way... DON'T GET YOUR FLU SHOT AT WALMART!!!

I just checked out the facebook page.... good job!
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I have been reading these posts and it sounds like all my symptoms.    The only difference is that I didn't get the flu shot.   MY symptoms started after treatment for H-Pylori.  It was called Prev-Pak and consisted of 60mg Prevacid, 1000mg Biaxin, 2000mg Amoxicillin.  It was for 14 days and you had to take them all or it wouldn't kill the bacteria.  The day I finished all the meds the nerve issues started.  From my feet to my scalp.  Tingling and electric shocks everywhere.  Could barely sit down the nerves down my legs were so inflamed.  The buzzing and vibrations were in my gut and down my left leg and later in my neck.  Thought I would go out of my mind.  Started the doctor merry-go-round.  GP, 2 Neuros, 1 Rheumy, 2 Alternative MD's, 2 chiropractors, 1 acupuncturist, 2 physical therapists.   Had all the tests,  Brain MRI, cat scans, EMG and more blood tests than I can remember.  What they came up with was some slight nerve damage on my left leg/foot.  This was from a bout of shingles I had on the left sciatic nerve(L5 distribution) a couple of months before.  
So they tell me its my immune system and it will take a very long time.   It has been 26 months now.  I am 50 to 60% better.  I can sit here and type this although my RIGHT leg is tingling like crazy.  There are some days my feet hurt so much I can hardly walk and other days they are not too bad.  My eyesight  has been affected (blurred vision sometimes and double vision) but I think that has improved some.  I can now take care of my house and hubby(who has been great through all of this).  
I am not the way I used to be.  I don't know if I will ever be.  The fear still lingers.  I have to pace myself and be sure that I don't get too tired or I will flare.
But I try to stay positive and count my blessings.
I wish you all speedy recovery.
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