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Brother suddenly very ill & hospitalized. Doctors can't find cause. Can anyone help?


My family and I are pretty desperate right now for any additional information or paths to take in helping my brother recover. He is 20 years old, with a relatively good health record minus asthma, and some gastro problems now and then. He is currently hospitalized, admitted because of and initial diagnosis of pneumomediastinum (Mon or Tue). He has since been diagnosed with a partially collapsed lung, pancreatitis, and sludge in his gall bladder.

Yesterday, it hurt for him to even swallow a pill (b/c of the inflammation?), but they have him on a full saline diet right now. He also has had a good amount of blood in his urine and stool, but it has cleared up some today, so maybe it comes in waves? His kidney function had went down as well wed night, but has come back up some.

Does anyone know what this could possibly be from? I'm really afraid his body is breaking down.
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I'm very sorry to hear of your brother's illness and the strain it is putting on both you and your family.  If your brother has given permission to the hospital staff (due to privacy laws), perhaps you can talk to one of his nurses to find out more information as to what is going on, his prognosis and treatment.  Or, be in the room when the doctor arrives to check on him and if your brother agrees to have you there, be present and ask the doctor questions.

I wish you and your family and brother the best of luck.  This is not an easy thing to deal with.  Let us know if we can help you more.
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Was he scuba diving before this happened? Or had a traumatic accident of some sort? Belief it or not severe constipation with a lot of bearing down can cause the pseudomediastinum. Also, something that caused a tear of the trachea or excessive vomiting or sneezing.  It could have caused a leak in between the lung and the area between the two lungs, and maybe his peritoneum got a tear too?  This could lead to a bacterial infection. Is his temperature high? If so they will put him on antibiotics. Let us know how he does.
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