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What could be the cause of this symptoms ?

Hello everyone,

I am in a very delicate phase of my life ... every thing went wrong for me in a short amount of time.

After an exposure to HIV/STDs 2.5 months ago, i started to develop a number of strange, unrelated and crippling symptoms :

It all started with a bizarre feeling of warmth / hot around the waste ... and then :
- Very mild fever (never exceeded 37.8 °c but it felt worse)
- Contentious dry cough  
- Swollen lymph nodes all over my body
- Light rush over my face around my lips
- Tongue candidos  (I believe its called mouth thrush)
- Gingivitis
- Major fatigue
- Crippling joints pain especially knees and right hip
- Weight lost (Over 17 pounds in less then 5 weeks)
- Dry flaky skin
- Sore throat
- Easy bruising skin

And a lot of other symptoms that come and goes away ...

I had a full blood work in the beginning of the symptoms  all came normal except :

- High albumin rate
- High Gamma globulin rate
- High blood sugar
- High red blood cell count
- Low MCV  MCHC  and MCH  (I was diagnosed with minor thalassemia one year ago)

All the rest was within normal range.

After that i did HIV tests : 3rd 5th 7th and 8th weeks ... all negative (4th gen duo Ac Ag ELISA tests)

My doctor ordered also : Lyme disease, CMV, Mono, toxo, syphilis, Hepatitis (B & C) all came negative.

So my question is :

Given that i have Hypergamaglobulinia, if the anticorps that my body is producing are those of HIV, then that should show on the multiples tests that i did ?

Thank you for your feed back ... i am really disparate right now ...
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Yes if you are asking whether the HIV tests you took would still show up correctly despite your illness it will be still correctly negative because it looks for both the antigen and the antibody. So even if your antibody didn't show up the HIV antigen will still show up if you had it. So don't worry you are negative.
As for what is causing your problem it is hard to say. It could be all related to the thalassemia minor or something else.
     One thing you may want to get tested for is TB. You can get a quantiferon gold test to rule that out. Were you actually tested for Candida on the tongue or is it just white? often white tongue is caused by bacteria build up. You can either have your dentist or doctor check it or you can use a tongue scraper and see if it comes off easily. If it does it is not a yeast. If it is hard to get off and bleeds it may be a yeast. The gingivitis is usually due to bacteria in the gums so a dentist can take care of that.
If you are negative for TB then you may want to get tested.

A lot of your symptoms are related to your disease the hypergammaglobulinemia. So you should ask your doctor about that and whether your symptoms are related to that. It can cause anemia, (and fatigue), low platelet, enlarged spleen and lymph nodes. Also, bacterial infections etc. Since it lowers your immune system you may well have the yeast.  But I would ask about the weight loss too. I think it sounds like most are related to your diagnosis.

The question is what treatment can they give you  to make you feel better.

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p.s. you really should discuss all of these concerns with your doctor.
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Thank you for your extensive response.

My doctor thinks it was some kind of a virus but couldn't give me a proper diagnostic.

I didn't had hypergamaglobulinia before nor any of these symptoms.

What i am sur of ... Is thats the reasons of my troubles. What i knew resently tha hyperpergamaglobulinia is caused by a very high presence of antibodies in blood.

And my question is if my body is producing a lot of antibodies at this moment its impossible that i can be a late seroconventor (hiv hvc hvb...)?

The thalassemia minor usually is harmless and asymptimatic. If it devoleps to a serious anemia that will show in my red blood cound witch in my case came even higher than it should be !!
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About TB, I've got tested and i don't have it apparently. I did a chest xray.
The mouth thrush was diagnosted by my doctor not me and its not the usual white stuff. Its more like a redish glossy patches on the base of tongue. The doctor diagnostic was just clinical no tests were conducted though.
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I see. So they do have a mouth rinse for Oral Thrush. They can give you . If it doesn't work you can see if they can give you Terbinafine (Lamisil). I would try the oral rinse first though. That is good you tested negative for TB. As for HIV,  as I mentioned the 4th gen test has both an antibody portion and an antigen portion so even if your antibodies can convert the test will pick up HIV antigen in the blood. So you should be fine. You can ask you doctor for confirmation so you will feel better about this. But that is how the test works and why they added the antigen part to it ( so that you don't have to worry about low immunity).
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I tried mouth wash for 3 weeks. It felt a little bit better at first but no real results.
I'll see my doctor tomorrow and I'll ask him about what you suggested.
About the hiv i just want to get it out of the way so i can focus on other possible causes for this situation. So you helped me to do that thank you.
I have troubles with my vision for a week now at first i thoought it was because i spent too much time on the computer lately but it appears that even with rest ot wont get better. A red dry eyes with a diminution in vision especially close object. One other thing to deal with.
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Just a quick update.

I saw my doctor yesterday. She said that she had no idea whats going on and advised me to wait and see !

After my insistence she gave me an other type of mouth wash (CHLOROBUTANOL+CHLORHEXIDINE) for the candida and the gingivitis.

What do you think about that ?
I'm not too sure about Cholorbutanol but Chlorhexidine is very good for an antibacterial rinse and will kill pretty much everything. They use it after oral surgery etc. It may kill yeast as well. You could take probiotics and that may help with your intestinal bacteria. That may help clear up the tongue problems. No guarantee. I get one that has several bacterial such as Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. It has to have live bacteria. A drug store will have them. You can take them for about 3 weeks. I wouldn't go longer than that.
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