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Could I be misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome?

Hi all, I am a 22 year old female and I have been having GI issues since i was 17-18 years old. It used to be strictly constipation, i would get really bloated (sometimes gained over 10 lbs) and not have any movements for a week or so. In that time, i have had what i assume (my doc has as well) is hemorrhoids that show up maybe once a month, if im lucky a few months. In the past year, it has gotten so much worse. I have only loose stools but get constipated for weeks on end. I have tried every single form of laxative, suppository, stool softener, even ibs focused medication like amitiza. I cant take a laxative unless i have been constipated for about 10 days otherwise it wont work. I have maybe one good week every now and then but usually its just a good day or two. My abdominal area constantly hurts and i feel like i have a knot that doesnt go away but the doc says my stomach feels flat. I have seen two GI specialists now (not the docs, but their nurse practitioners). All they have done for me is a CBC and Metabolic blood test and they keep chalking it up to IBS. I asked why they wouldnt do more testing since I have to call out of work and cant do daily things like chores very often because it can be very unbearable, and they say i am too young to have any serious problems. I have felt at a loss for words because i am sitting in the docs office on the verge of tears telling them that FODMAP diets dont work for me, nothing does but do not feel heard. I am just wondering if anybody has experienced this or has any advice for me because i am miserable. I have not been diagnosed with anything else and i have had a history with eating disorders if that has any relation. I am sure i messed my body up but docs wont even take an xray or anything.
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Oh, I'm really sorry. How frustrating to not feel heard. Sure, you have symptoms that could be IBS.  But you are saying you don't think it is IBS, correct?  It does sound like that from your symptoms and IBS is hard to diagnose.  So, they are using the symptom profile to treat you.  I assume they ruled out gluten intolerance?  Celiac disease would case such symptoms as well. They've tried any meds it sounds.  I guess I'd make sure you don't have celiac disease/gluten intolerance.  You can make sure you don't have bile acid absorption issues or issues with your gallbladder which can cause loose stools (pain and constipation at times too).  Have you ever had your thyroid checked?  Hyper thyroid can cause emotional instability, jitteryness, poor sleep regulation, and potentially issues like you describe with your gi tract.  

Or you may just have a very difficult case of IBS.  How's the emotional stuff in your life?  It is often tied together.  
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I'm sure it could be ibs, however i have a close family friend who has dealt with crohns her whole life, and she says that the only way to have a proper diagnosis is to do a colonoscopy or endoscopy and other tests considering how long i go without movement and the severe pain i feel. On top of that, its like a knot that never goes away. I was negative for celiac/gluten and i have tried over 10+ medications to fix it which either make the pain worse or do nothing. I also have other symptoms like lightheadedness, easy bruising, and massive migraines but they did not comment on any of that. My thyroid has also been checked and came back fine
I have also been dealing with separate emotional stuff but that has been going on since I was a baby so i feel as though i would have had symptoms when i was younger.
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I do have other symptoms that could be related but forgot to mention so please feel free to ask if you are familiar with this stuff.
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