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Kidney stones in pregnancy

Sorry this one is long (too long)!
Brief history - had a pain in my left side since April 2011. The doctors repeatedly gave me an ultrasound and blood test, found nothing and then dosed me up with painkillers. This continued until the summer of 2014. At this point I started gaining weight with no explanation and more worryingly I was repeatedly suffering with severe odema. Urine tests showed protein and red blood cells but my blood tests showed nothing except for increased cholesterol.
Eventually in late 2014 I was given a ct scan and finally diagnosed with 3 kidney stones. I was referred to a urologist who advised that since they were only visible on a ct scan, shock wave therapy was useless and I needed surgery (they would go in with a camera and blast them).
The surgery was booked for May 2015.
In April 2015 I found out I was pregnant. My urologist advised he couldn't do anything until I give birth and basically to come back then.
For the first 6 months of pregnancy, I have been great. The pain I've suffered for years completely vanished. I spent weeks weeing non stop and eventually my odema has gone and at nearly 6 months pregnant, I still weigh less than before after this water loss.
Then without warning, the pain came back. I recognised it immediately. My urine tests again show the things I'm used to - red blood cells and protein. The pain is slightly worse than before and every time I eat I'm nauseous for hours afterwards. I feel generally unwell, unable to sleep and haven't even made it to work this week. I have 15 weeks until my due date.
I feel completely stuck though. I contacted my midwife, she advised as this isn't pregnancy related, there's nothing she can do to help me. My urologist has said he can't help whilst I'm pregnant as I need surgery and to come back once I've given birth. My gp tested my urine, confirmed my findings but said there's nothing they can do as they don't specialise in urology or pregnancy.

So this is the position I'm in now. 25 weeks pregnant, laid up in agony, unable to eat or sleep properly and just feeling like there's no way out and no medical help.

I'd really appreciate any advice or input from anyone, and if you read all of that nonsense, well thank you for listening :)
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I wish I could give you some advice to help you from my own personal experience, but I am a 69 yr old man and as such, I've never been pregnant. (a situation that I am continually more grateful for every year I get older!! LOL!) I am not a physician either, and with your pregnancy, I must bow to your Urologist's opinion on this at this point.

I wonder if you could ask your GP for some type of a pain med that would be safe for both you and the baby? If you could only get something from your GP to relieve some of your discomfort, at least that would be a little better than you have it right now. I truly don't know what else to say except I wish you the very best and I will keep you in my prayers. Please let us know what your GP says and how you are doing too.
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I'm 55 y.o. man and never heard such case before and I'm not a doctor either. Anyway, you mentioned that you had undergone a CT Scan which depicted a stones. How's the sizes of the stones especially the largest one? Where are those stones are in positioned right now?

I agree with Unclebuck257 that you may approach your GP for some pain reliever which is safe for you and your baby to relieve some discomforts.
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I was diagnosed with kidney stones at 28 weeks pregnant and my urologist pUT a Stent in my ureter and the pain was gone! But the stent is also not comfortable at all either I hated it!! hope all gets better!
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