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Abnormal LFTs and Lipid Profile

I am 24 years old male and due to alot of study and now at my job I have been unable to do exercise properly.
My weight is 77kg and height is 5ft 7inch. BMI = 26.9

Some of my family members felt I my color has faded yellow so I did the below blood tests:
Liver Function Test:
Total Bilirubin                    :    2.6 mg/dL   Normal : 0.2 to 1.1
SGOT (AST)                     :    55 IU/L        Normal : 9 to 40
SGPT (ALT)                      :    115 IU/L      Normal : 5 to 50
Alkaline Phosphate            :    117 IU/L      Normal : 40 to 140

Lipid Profile:
Total Cholestrol              :  201 mg/dL       Normal : upto 200
Triglycerides                  :  167 mg/dL       Normal : 150 to 200
HDL                              :  36                   Normal : more than 36
LDL                               :  132                 Normal :less than 150

I am also a smoker, now I am worried will these effect my body badly. One more thing I have been not been much in sunlight since the past 2 months, as I have night shifts and evening shifts and sleep during the day.

What can I do to normalize these values, and will weight loss be a major factor.
What diet would you suggest and should I use any medication or rely on the diet.
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Do you have Hepatitis C? If not have you been tested? Could it be a factor?
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Your Bilirubib, ALT, and AST are all elevated. You need to see a doctor and find out why those liver tests are elevated. I agree with Idyllic that you should be tested for Hepatitis, actually all types of Hepatitis. No one here can suggest what to do to normalize those test results because no one here knows why they are elevated.

Please see a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist for further testing to find out why your liver tests are elevated.

Your other tests, the Lipid profile, look good.

Best of luck.
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