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A good Read "Why can't I get better? Solving Lyme and other chronic illnesses

I believe everyone who has Lyme and co-infections but can't get well within 9 months (that is when it becomes chronic Lyme according to the Docs) should read this book. It is by Dr Richard Horowitz. He actually studied under Burascano and has written a great book 2 years ago that goes into many areas that we may not realize is keeping us sick.
"Why can't I get better? Solving the mystery of Lyme and other chronic disease". I was lucky enough to attend a teleconference Dr Horowitz had and he answered some questions I had.
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It typically takes 2 yrs to get better if you get treated 6 mos of later after the rash or infection happened.  It took me 2 1/2 yrs.  Now I am cleaning up the yeast and parasites.  Similar lyme symptoms (depression, nightmares, aches and pains / itching)  Don't put time limit.  Focus on no sugar diet, coffee or tea white flour bread.  Won't get rid of this if you don't do the proper diet.  Again, you will feel like hell for awhile. So sorry but you will get better.  I didn't believe it was possible in the first yr either. Chronic is just a term.  What is happening is you still have it and didn't get treatment shortly after getting it.  No matter, you still will be ok over time.
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I was misdiagnosed for 25 years and I am still sick after 3 years treating. What I meant was Dr Horowitz considers you as being "chronic" if not cured within 9 months. I know many people who are in the same boat as I am, still sick after all these years and this book is a big help.
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