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Lyme disease test information

I did yard work on Sunday afternoon, and discovered an embedded deer tick Late Monday night. It had a strange sack with it. The area has a hard lump the size of a nickle under it, and is red, like its infected, but theres no drainage. Called my dr, got an rx for doxycicline, and a script for a Lyme test. Is there a time frame that antibodies start showing up in your blood? Its been 4 days since the tick was removed.  I dont want to test too early and get a false negative, in case it really is positive. Im trying to be proactive. The dr gave me 14 days of doxy and will refill it if the test is positive. Our neighbor has lyme, as well as several dogs in the neighborhood. Thanks in advance for any info.
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Well the testing for Lyme is not accurate anyways. I would probably give it at least  week, but as I said, negative results mean nothing. Lyme tends to hide from abntibiotics at lower doses as you were probably given. That can also make for a negative result... There are also other infections that ticks frequently carry and the testing is even more unreliable. You may need to test with IGeneX, at least for Lyme.  Test for Anaplasma and Enrichlia at a regular lab.
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