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Lyme or WebMD syndrome?

I was in a vehicle accident late last year and an MRI was performed on my spine and head. The doctors noticed non-specific white matter in the brain and decided to perform a test for lyme since I have been dealing with many symptoms that could be attributed to lyme. She wasn't expecting much but when the results came back she referred me to an infectious disease doctor. I should say that my medical is through the VA system and I don't really have the option of going to another doc right now.
Elisa came back at 1.1 and the western blot popped IGg bands 23, 41, and 93. The ID doc said that the test said negative so I do not have lyme. When I explained that, as I understood it, 23 and 92 are specific to B. burgdorferi and he said that all of the bands were specific to the lyme bacteria. From what I'm understanding  that is not correct.
I have had exposure to ticks while in the military(over 20 years ago now), performing tick drags at several locations across the US including near the Minneapolis area which seems to be a hotspot for lyme.
Unfortunately I'm fighting a battle right now because of the range of symptoms I'm having, which is one of the reasons that he didn't diagnose me.
I've been dealing with these symptoms for over 2 decades now BUT I also have other conditions which could also explain the symptoms.
I have joint pain, specifically knee/ankle/foot pain including cramps in the arches of my feet and elbow/wrist/hand pain. Joint issues are not a surprise for veterans particularly since I've hit middle age so that was explained away.
I also deal with insomnia, chronic fatigue, brain fog/ADHD-like symptoms/lack of focus, and severe memory issues. But I was diagnosed with PTSD in the military (non-combat related) so the doc didn't really take these seriously.
I'm sure there are more symptoms but these are the most severe and the ones that limit really limit me in daily life. As I said, I've been dealing with them for over 2 decades now though they seem to be getting much worse in the past 5 years and even more so since the accident.
The things the doctor said made me believe that he was not really up for lyme disease and he seemed to dismiss the diagnosis entirely when he heard the reason that I was there. So I guess the question is: is it possible that the doctor is wrong or am I suffering WebMD syndrome?
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Hi!  If you are on facebook, check out the Lyme Disease and Wellness page.  Those bands are specific for Lyme and unfortunately mainstream doctors and infectious disease doctors will dismiss them.  You'd be better off seeing an LLMD or a Naturopathic doctor, which usually isn't covered by insurance unfortunately, but they can help you rather than spinning your wheels.  Best of luck!    
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Thanks. As I said, my medical goes through the Veteran's Administration unfortunately. A bureacratic system rather than a health care system. The ID doc said that the white matter in the MRI was diagnostically irrelevant due to the large number of conditions that are related to it: migraines, MS, alzheimer's, the list is a long one. He performed a battery of tests, seemingly for everything that might cause my symptoms and found squat. So now he's sending me to neurology to see if they can diagnose me based on the MRI results that he said were diagnostically irrelevant. Unfortunately, as poor as the system is, it's currently the only one that I have so I must live with it.
Thanks for the response.
Hope you have a wonderful evening.
I understand!  I actually used to work in the Ortho Clinic at the VA in Minneapolis and although I believe the patients had great care by good doctors, it is a bit of a mess with getting proper care when you fit outside the box and Lyme is as "out of the box" as you can get as far as recognition, not just with the VA.  But it is real, and you can get better.   If you can, check out the facebook page, lots of knowledgeable people there who can help you, even with just advice,  which won't cost a thing =)   Continue to see the doctors at the VA as suggested to you to rule stuff out, but those bands are positive for Lyme.  

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