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This is kind of a strange question, but a friend of mine's new roomate tells everyone that she has lyme disease.  She gives herself a self-injection in the leg of a red liquid.  I don't know her very well, but some of the things she claims about her 'lyme disease' seem farfetched, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a treatment for the disease that involves self injection of the above red liquid.  If not, does anyone know what else it could be? She does it in her thigh.
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Probably is a B12 injection. It helps with the neurological symptoms of Lymes....done it myself. It helps but you have to keep up with it every week for a while.
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could this be a methyl b12 shot?  ask her if her urine is pink after the injection.  I go in for methyl b12 shots, do not like to look so I do not know the color but my urine is supposed to have a hinge of pink to be sure I got enough.  One point, I had severe leg cramps for a few days and got the injection to help relieve this.  I expected to have it injected in my leg-NO, Dr needs to get it as close to you upper body as ressonably possible.  She injected my left arm.  It has to do with Neuropathy and sensory. I also had horrible neck pain and facial numbness, she injected my shoulder muscle.  She stated she wanted to get as close to my head as possible.   If this is what it is, your friend may want find out if injecting the leg is good enough.  
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I for one have not heard of this treatment but then again i'm kind of new at this. There could be a treatment that is administered in such a method.this would be within the scope of what her doctor deems necessary for treatment.I have Lyme Disease and have come to the conclusion that the public at large is unaware how widespread,complex,and debilitating, this disease is. there is a lot of info on the internet related to this disease.simply google... Lyme Disease...there is also Lyme Disease info on YouTube.It would do well for the public at large to get familiar w this. The ticks that carry this disease are not prejudiced in whom they decide to feed on. that could come into play by simply walking barefoot across your lawn.Thank you for curiosity and logging onto this site. keep in mind there was a time when there were those who thought quantum physics was "far fetched"...  
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