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anyone getting better with antibiotics?

I have severe pain from spine and joint inflammation, and severe arthritis. As well.as much vertebrae damage.I have been taking minocycline orally, but can't afford I.v.therapy right now.I have been on minocycline for two years, but have also been on prednisone, I recently read prednisone will keep antibiotic from working like it should.please, if anyone has gotten any pain relief and is as damaged as I am, please let me know.I am also on a pain patch and pain pills, as well as plaquenil, because I test positive for lupus.I am in Ned most of the time, and am still in horrifying pain! When I do get up and play with my grandkids, I suffer for days from the activity.I know I shouldn't complain, and that there are ppl with far worse conditions, especially children, but I got on this site hoping to find help.thank you kindly for your help, and fyi.if I ever get better, I will do all I can for others in my condition, I am a 57yr.old wife, mother,and gammy!
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I have severe joint inflammation too, and I understand just what you mean about paying with pain afterward for trying to do even a little too much!  I have a combination of Lyme and probably babesia, with complications from human parvovirus. I have been under treatment for over a year now; I've been very sick since 2010.
Steroids like prednisone suppress the immune system, so when you are trying to get your body back into infection-fighting mode, they tend to be counterproductive.   I had courses of several different antibiotics (abx) for about 6 months and then we switched to herbal antimicrobials, with abx added in periodically.  I also take a lot of supplements: immune system support, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and a good probiotic.  I am much better than I was a year ago (something I constantly remind myself), but I am far from well.
I am working more conscientiously on nutrition, because the older I get the more strongly I believe it is key.  I have also started acupuncture, and if you can find a good practitioner, I highly recommend it for the immune system and for pain relief.  It takes time, and there are no guarantees, but isn't that just like everything else!  I was actually pain-free for several hours after the first session and I think you will understand what a miracle that was!  I was fortunate to find someone who is a medical doctor who now practices acupuncture, and he had Lyme a few years ago so he truly understands things like traveling pain and brain fog!
It sounds like you have a number of challenges and it might be tricky just figuring out what to address first.  I wish you the best - and don't give up!
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