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my fear on my toddler will kill me..pleaseee helpppp

I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I suspect that this maybe what I have...and I am in the process of collecting some money to see LLMD and have Ignex.
I am going crazy thinking that I may have infected my toddler in some way...when she was 9 months old she (without my notice) used my straw to drink and the minute I saw her, my heart stopped beating cause I didn't know what was wrong with me but was afraid it is contagious. i don't think I had it when pregnant, so I think it got through saliva to her.( if I do have it)

she is 18 months old now and having the same weird rash like me on her legs ( but smaller size), and the worst part is starting to have these unexplained cat scratches..( I am scared to death it is bartonella rash )...the only other symptom she has is consistent runny nose and cough, but she is in day care..other than than she is happy, eat play, etc..

what should I do now ? please see the pictures and let me know what you think, the scratches is her neck today and the lesions on my legs ..what do u think ?

I can't afford to take her to llmd now and I didn't even know if I have it.

she has pediatric appointment n 5 days but I am sure the doc will be clueless, do u think I can ask the doctor for some blood work
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sorry couldn't add two photos how can i do that...???
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It's good that you are considering the possibilities, but try not to be so hard on yourself -- you haven't done anything wrong, and you are doing the responsible thing to consider taking your daughter to a Lyme specialist just to be on the safe side.

Worrying will not make things better, and will only make you more nervous.  You have identified the situation, and you are making plans to find out more and, if needed, take care of it.  That is the very best thing you can do, and you are doing what I would do.  I doubt that a little more time will make things worse, so consider seeing the MD yourself, and if you like him/her, then mention that you have concern that your daughter may have symptoms of Lyme, and that you would like to also make an appointment for her as soon as you can afford it.

That way, you have checked out the doc and can make a decision about whether you want to explore the possibilities by taking your daughter to see your doc too.  That is what I did:  I went to see the LLMD, and when I was comfortable with him after that first appointment, I made an appointment for my child to also see him.  We were both diagnosed with Lyme and babesia, and both treated successfully.  

(Side note:  You might take the foto you posted with you to your appointment, and at some point tell the doc you want to bring your daughter to see him too because you are concerned she may have Lyme.  I would not ask him to try to diagnose her, since he cannot do that without seeing her, but if you tell him you will be back with her as soon as you can, you may get some reaction from him.  Maybe not, but hey, every little bit of information and reaction you get from him would be useful.  You need not do this (show him fotos), because he cannot diagnose without seeing the patient, but it might give you some comfort to have taken the first step.  Do what you are comfortable with, because there is no right or wrong here.)

(To attach two fotos to a message here, I think you have to make two separate messages, one for each foto.  Not sure, but it's easy to try.)

I know you are very anxious about all this, and that is very understandable, as well as being a possible side effect of Lyme etc., but try not to alarm your daughter, okay?  Kids really do pick up on what Mom is channeling.

Have you checked with those Lyme charities to see if you can get some funding to see a doc?  And call the doc's office and tell them you are really strapped and do they have any suggestions to get you in to see the doc sooner?  They might have some ideas.

Are you taking magnesium?  It might help calm you a bit.  I still take it every day, and I read that magnesium deficiency is not uncommon in the US.

You hang in there -- you are doing what I would do.  Keep us posted!  We're rooting for you.
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