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1 month test cycle over 7 months ago testicle concerns

Hi all, been worrying about this lately although i forgot about it and it caused me no issues till late.

7 months ago I recklessly used testosterone ethanate in higher doses thinking it was trt-dose, it was actually a cycle. good job i got in contact with folks on reddit who told me about this! i pct'ed off with natural maca pct and the like only thing i could get my hands on. i think i got lucky, blood test later on showed high T like expected but also did not show estrogen they wouldn't test it, but they said nothing was wrong this was like a month after using it. i show no symptoms currently of major excess estrogen i will be getting a blood test soon, and re-tell my doc about my past situation. i have not used test ethernate since then, i can still grow facial hair and the like so it's not like my axis is shut down.


i have noticed (never really noticed much before) slightly smaller balls but I am not certain, they used to be larger than a large grape, now it's maybe like 10 percent less of that I think, the size of a medium grape. i should have prepared before hand really but I can't say yet if there's anything wrong. like i said i never noticed issues till late.

after re-telling the doc is this reversible with hcg? no way is it permanent right, i mean i can't say for sure a massive change in the size but there's something, it's just size wise i read online it's less than average :O.

thanks. age 24 5'6 9 stone.
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