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Is masturbation and growth of love handles and belly fat linked? Need help

Everytime I masturbate my love handles and belly fat seems to increase and althoguh there is no connection on the net it happens everytime. I have been having this problem for the past 4 years now. It started with a little bloating of the stomach which gradually increases and now I have a permanent layer of belly fat and love handles and they seem to grow everytime I masturbate. This has also effected my mental health and well as made me loose a lot of stamina and made me get thin arms. Please help
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Yeah. medically, there is no connection, unless like GuitarRox says, you're doing it all day and not exercising or eating well.

If you're gaining weight rapidly, without other explanation, see your doctor for a work up. You could have a hormonal or thyroid issue.
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I sure hope not!  There is not going to be a link between gaining weight in your midsection and masturbation.  Change up your diet an increase your weight.  Are masturbating all day every day to change the form of your arm muscle?  This does sound like a stress situation for you.  Masturbation is pretty harmless but if you feel it is negatively impacting your life, then walk away from it.  Go on a diet, get some cardio and life some weights (if your doctor okays that kind of activity).
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