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Low testosterone at 14

Hi, my son has low testosterone ( 5.6 nmol/L ; normal range listed as 8.4 and 28.8). He is not growing (currently 151cm) and a bit overweight, despite exercising ( competitive sport 18hours a week). We are seeing the doctor in 10 days, but I was hoping to get some details here regarding remedies, info. I am worried and googling this is not helping. He is getting bullied at school and it breaks my heart. He is 13 year 10 months old. Thank you.
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I would highly recommend seeing a physician for your son as soon as possible. It sounds very much like a Thyroid issue. There are a lot of people that have this and it can be brought back to normal with medicine prescribed by the doctor.
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The doctor is the best bet. I'm not sure they will really treat testosterone deficiency at this young age since he's still developing. Has he entered puberty? How far along is he in that? Sassylassy has a smart idea of looking into food that naturally increases the amount. That's probably the best thing to do now. How tall are you? How tall is his mother?
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Hello~It is wise that you are seeing his physician regarding this. As to remedies, here is a list of foods that MIGHT help:
    Oysters. ...
    Pomegranates. ...
    Fortified plant milks. ...
    Leafy green vegetables. ...
    Fatty fish and fish oil. ...
    Extra-virgin olive oil. ...
There are also testosterone gels that can be purchased that might help, most health food stores sell them, but I would wait on that until seeing the doctor.
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