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Nipple discharge

A young man 24 years old presses his right nipple between his fingers and about 6 drops of clear fluid pop out on the tip. He has unusually large nipples, but this can't be the reason for the discharge because only one nipple secretes although both nipples are large. A friend who is in medical school said the nipple discharge could indicate a precancerous condition and that he should consult a surgeon and probably have his right breast removed as a precaution. Is this good advice?
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Any discharge, fluid expression from a male nipple needs to be examined by a doctor.  I think going straight to talking about removing your nipple is extreme. First just get examined. It's not normal for men to have nipple discharge. So, start there and work with your doctor and do not get advice from friends in med school. :>)  Said kindly. Work with your own doctor
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