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Penis Yeast Infection wont go away. Need serious help

I have been having symptoms of a penis yeast infection for about 6 weeks now. Redness/wrinkled skin on penis tip which gets much redder/lumpy when I ejaculate then goes back to normal. I started noticing redness a few days after unprotected sex. I am circumcised as well. I went to a few different doctors and this is what I was prescribed a few different things because nothing has worked. I have no clue what to do and its really effecting me mentally. I took an STD test for chlymedia/gonorrhea 8 days after exposure and came back negative. I am waiting to do full STD panel at 3 months.  I do not believe it is herpes as I have had no sores, just red skin which gets really lumpy and red after ejaculation.
starting 1 week after symptoms
1. Apply Lotrimin ultra to area twice a day
2. 1 week later 1 150 mg diflucan  (looked slightly better afterwards but didnt go away)
3. 3 days after diflucan- doxyclycline 100 mg for 1 week for possible bacteria infections
4. 1 week after After doxycycline- 150 mg Diflucan which no noticeable results
5. A week after last Diflucan- prescribed Ketaconazole cream on penis ( saw no change)
6.  After two weeks of Ketaconzole, I received 1G of azithromycin and a shot of rocphin in case of chlymedia/gonorrhea/bacterial infection. After receiving this I had a really white tongue (typical of yeast)
7. A week after the above treatment I started anti-fungal diet (no sugar/low carb/ taking grapeseed oil, garlic, and coconut oil as anti-fungals)
7. Currently am on triamcinolone steriod creme in case its just a random rash.

What should I do?? I was thinking of telling doctor to give me a heavy Diflucan regiment like a pill a day for a week or something but I have no clue. I am at 10 week post exposure and am waiting two more weeks to do my STD test  but I do not have herpes symptoms. I am lost. Does anyone have advice?
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