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Penis front glans with small brown like spots right side

Hi, I just turned 30 years old and surprisingly had a really tight foreskin since I was born, which I cannot even see my glans at all. I went to urologist last year which he advised me to do stretching exercises to loosen up the foreskin or else I'll probably need a surgery to remove the foreskin. After several months, I finally able to roll the foreskin back and noticed these tiny brown spots on my glans. The spots are painless and does not interfere anything. The spots are only on the right side where I always rub as a fist during masturbation. Is this something to worry about? Please help and also I am not sexual active person.
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Have you ever had sex or any sexual activity? If not, they aren't an STD.

Has your doctor seen them? You really should show them to your doctor. They could be moles, could be a fungal infection, irritation, etc. Most of the time, spots need to be examined and maybe tested to determined what they are.

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I showed the pictures to couple of urologists and the dermatologists via virtual online doctors and they said it is normal which is freckles. The urologist said it is because the glans are being exposed to the outside world and those brown spots appears regularly. Thanks for the message though :)
I'd have to agree with the docs you've shown. If you're still concerned after all the lockdowns, get them checked in person.

If they change in any way - shape, color, size, etc., contact your doctor. Other than that, I wouldn't worry. :)
Thanks :) I am keeping a close eye on it and will definitely reach the doctor in person if anything changes.
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