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What are those red/lila bumps on my glans ? All help appreciated !

Im 21 years old and discovered red/lila bumps/pimples on my glans about 2 months ago.

They dont hurt, they dont itch, they just look weird. They dont really feel harder than the rest of my glans.
When my penis is erected you can see them clearly. When he's not errected, they are still there but much much smaller, sometimes i dont even notice them.

Im now watching them since 2 months and i actually think they havent grown since then. But its actually pretty hard to assess this. And im not sexually active, i never had sex before and only masturbate once a day. I clean my penis once a day with warm water and without soap.

https://imgur.com/a/erJdUhe (Pics +18)

What are those ? Is this cancer ? Does cancer even look like this ? Im actually a bit afraid... so all help is appreciated !

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Well, just from pictures I cannot say. It could be a wide range of things starting a human papillomavirus caused warts to a skin cancer. Since it doesn't get bigger a cancer is less likely. I suggest you visit an urologist or at least a dermatologist.
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It doesn't hurt?

Is there some reason you haven't seen a doctor for this?

It could be a reaction to soap, laundry detergent, etc., but I'd imagine that would be sore or itchy. There is something called balanitis, which is a skin infection on the head of your penis, but again - it's usually sore or itchy.

Did you change soap right when this started? Start wearing new underwear? Anything?

You should really let a doctor see it.
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Anyone ?
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