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Rash on genitals and waistline

I am 19 years old and I am currently a full time college student. I noticed towards the beginning of October that I started to get small bumps on my buttocks, waiste, and hands. I did not think much of it because I have had these bumps on my hands and buttocks before, but they tend to go away after a day or two. After about a week of itching I noticed that they had become a lot worse and had spread to my scrotum and my penis. The doctor labeled it as a form of mrsa and prescribed me Bactria ds 2 a day and mupirocin 2% creme. I have been using these for almost 5 days now and have seen no changes. I have also been using hydrocortisone frequently thoughout the day. The bumps are on my hands, feet, buttocks, waistline, arms, legs, and genitals. The worst bumps occur on genitals, waistline, and buttocks. I originally thought it was scabies, but nobody in my house at school has been affected at all..and I have seen no track marks on my body.  I have noticed the itching becomes persistent when I am hot and my skin is moist. Please help!!
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Excuse me *bactrim ds
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Bactrium and hydrocortisone should be enough to contain this allergy or infection. In allergy and infection, treial and error method is used. I have been also treated higher cortisone preparation. I get blisters in soles of my feet and mild itching in different regions of the body.I have dry skin also.So I am applying moisterizer twice a day on the whole body(wet).It may require a longer treatment. Difficult to predict. no spell-check done.
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You may post your question in dermatology community to get better advice.
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Great, I appreciate the advice.
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