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Very odd feeling in right arm and leg

Hello, I hope you are all doing fine.

I will apologize for my english in advance since I`m Colombian.
Thabks alotfor understanding,

I`m so scared at this  point...for the las tthree days I have a constante fatigue on the right side of my body, it shakes sometimes but it doesn`t go away, I know i am not supposed to be looking stuff up on the internet, but my firend told me to basically worry about ALS and of course, I did..

Since then i started looking up stuff on the itnernet and I can relate to many others, I have had anxiety issues before but, this time, it feels different...I am really scared to the point where I`ve skipped classes and been staying at my house just starring at the floor wondering wthere I was going to die from this disease in the next 2 to 3 years

More specifically, my right arm feels tired faster , for example while im typing this it feels really tired as if i was working out, apart from that, it feels just "weak or Heavy" most of the time, and its a weird feeling, like  have you ever had that feeling in your chest of "something is going to be wrong" , I have had that exact feeling but in my arm, it`s so weird, I have not had that much twitching, and from what ive read, the twitching happens after the muscle dies in this disease so now im scarred....I have tried to do some self testing, like walking on my heels and  toes, or opening and closing my hand to see how much effort it takes, and its weird...I have been dropping stuff unconscously for a couple of days,(maybe one boof and some leaflets in a store) but thats it what do you guys think it could be ?....Doesthis sound like ALS ? ....I have a doctors appiontment in 2 days, should I tell him all this, ask for him to send me to a neurologist? Im so nervous and scared and I am also so sorry to bother you guys!
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You are right handed?

As you say, you've dealt with anxiety before.  If you're very anxious and/or distracted (eg. you worry about this excessively) that could lead to dropping things (I do that myself at times, with me it's an anxiety condition).

Of course you should try to tell your doctor all of your symptoms, along with your history (such as contending with anxiety earlier).

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This is a medical problem requiring medical examination of your body    , mind and emotions. Please visit a doctor and get examined and start a treatment. You can get some idea from the internet. But internet is not an alternative to medical treatment.
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