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Why does my penis sting right inside the tip throght the day?

Hello. I saw a urologist for this and he said it must be prostatitis and gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics. Hasn’t gotten better. My penis will get dull scratch sensations and sharp shooting pains through the day right at the tip inside. Also, it stings when iruniate ONLY if I haven’t had much fluids that day.

He examined my penis and didn’t see anything of concern.

Does anyone have any insight? It’s been this Way for about 6 months. The first thing I noticed was the Burning urniation. It really hurt initially to Les the first morning. Thought it was an std but came back negative twice over the course of a couple months. Urine is clean as well. There’s a chance it was an std that was treated before the test, but if that’s the case, it’s been since tested and came back negative twice. So my logic is even if it was an std, it shouldn’t have this residual effect.

I saw him again and said that antibiotics didn’t help and he said that he was running out of ideas.

Can anyone help please? Thank you.  

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