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possible uti after oral?

So I am 48 male and married.  I think I have a uti.  I have some discomfort when urinating that seems to be getting worse.  so usually id just go to the doctor.  However I visited a person  ( female)  I just met, we engadged in kissing and she gave me oral sex for maybe 3 minutes. ( cheated with her )   Im afraid this I the problem.  No vaginal sex or any other sex contact other than kissing and she did the oral sex to me. Should I really be worried about an STD from this encounter?
Im afraid to go to the doctor and if its an std they will tell my wife. Is it even possible that this friend gave me something or do you think there could be other reasons and maybe this is just a bad coincidence?
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You can get something called NGU from receiving oral sex. It can be caused by anything other than gonorrhea (NGU stands for non-gonoccocal urethritis). Basically, it's an infection in your urethra caused by a germ that shouldn't be there.

It could be from chlamydia (unlikely from oral), normal mouth bacteria, adenovirus (usually causes upper respiratory infections, like bronchitis), strep, etc.

Have you had sexual contact with your wife since you received the oral? If you have, and you have an infection, she will need to be treated. If your wife performs oral sex on you, and has been sick, she could have been the one to infect you. If your wife doesn't perform oral on you, that's going to be a harder sell, obviously.

You could also have a urinary tract infection, an inflamed prostate, or something else absolutely not related to sex.

So you can go to your doctor, explain your symptoms, and at least get a urine test that looks for white blood cells and bacteria in your urine. By law, they are not allowed to tell your wife. If you live in a small town, or your doctor or his staff knows your wife, I can understand why you'd be hesitant. You can always go to a Planned Parenthood in the next town over or an STD clinic.

The important thing first is to get checked. The rest will follow after. Just get checked first.
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Thank you very much for your help.
I went and had a 10 std test done and all was clear.  Did come back with likely hood of hsv 1   but i knew that from many years ago  and my wife had hsv  before i met her so i think alls well.
I got a prescription for a uti and all os better now.

Awesome :)

Good to hear!

I said it in your other thread in STDs, but the cipro might make you feel worse before you feel better (if you are just now starting it), but hang in there!
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