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tiny single red spot on my penis head

hi doc
so as of this morning, i had a masturbation and doing so, i noticed a single red tiny spot on my penis head, near at the center. it is not painful or itchy or anything. i went to the bathroom and cleansed everything and it was gone.

what could it be and what has caused it to appear?

I masturbate without any lubricants, creams etc..dry masturbation. I masturbate 1-2 (3 rarely) a week

Plz, i am a little bit worried for my life bcuz of these sex-related diseases. Im 16, boy and never had an actual sex.
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It's difficult to say precisely what it was, but as it's gone now, it's probably nothing to worry about, especially if you're a virgin.
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I would not worry, I am sure it was nothing, the fact that you cleaned yourself and it was gone, tells me it  was nothing serious, especially since you are a virgin.
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I am having the same problem can u tell me what it is because I am going crazy
Hey, Johnny535755. Start your own thread and we'll talk to you about what is going on. Does it go away quickly after? And did it happen just once?
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