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Change in taste with Adderall F17

About a month ago I began to get a bitter taste in my mouth and it's progressively gotten worse. It's to the point that almost everything tastes horrible..I can't stand it. I will literally shiver eating foods I used to enjoy because they taste so bad. Is this due to Adderall? I've been on it since Jan. 2020 with no issues, so I just don't get why this would start now. Does anyone else have this issue?? How did you cure it? I never lost weight with Adderall (thank god) because if I did I would've dipped into below average BMI since currently mine is 19. I am very insecure about how small I am and I've been gaining weight recently but due to this I'm losing again and I'm having a lot of self-esteem and self-worth issues due to it. Now this taste change is making me lose weight after my Adderall actually helped me gain for the first two years (weird but it can happen in rare cases). I stay hydrated and try to brush my teeth as much as possible (if I'm in a depressive episode due to bipolar my oral care kind of goes out the window because it's just so exhausting). I just need to know how to cure this I can't handle losing this weight I'll literally start forcing myself to eat even if it hurts I can't lose weight I don't want to look weak and get made fun of for my size (I always do since I'm F17, 5'2, 107 lbs). Please help!
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It's a little surprising that you are made fun of for being a slender girl.   Sounds like jealousy to me.  Since you've been on Adderal for 2 years,  it seems unusual that it would just now start to affect you.  Bitter taste,  or changes in taste,  are a common symptom of COVID.  Have you been tested?  In the meantime,  can you get nutrition supplements like Ensure to maintain your calorie intake?
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I did have COVID back in August, but I didn't have issues with taste and smell back then. I haven't had it since then and the last time I felt sick I tested but it was negative. These taste issues have only come on within the past month. I have considered some supplements to help me, but I just don't know which ones are the best for me.

About me being made fun of...a lot of people joke and say I look 12 due to my size, or even ask if I'm anorexic..when I eat so much just to try and keep my weight. I also have friends who are overweight and have eating disorders because of it (one even because her mom basically groomed her into having one) and I tend to feel guilty about being naturally thin because I know just my size probably makes them feel self-conscious. The girl I mentioned with the problematic mom is my best friend and her mom has even compared her to me when it comes to size as if to say she should look more like me..which is very hurtful and honestly it makes me really mad at her mom. So, I have my own insecurities and issues about being small, and I just wish to gain more weight (in my legs specifically, and I do work my legs!). *sigh* it's just a bit of a mess tbh. Though, you did help me narrow Adderall down to probably not be the cause of my taste issue.
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