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uncapable of thinking propely

The situation i do currently find myself in is kinda complicated to explain,but i will try to explain it as best as i can.

today i feel as everything that i did yesterday was not in my control, i feel as if the entiriety of yesterday was a dream,a dream that literally lasted for a day and that only now i have regained consciousness,as if between yesterday's night and today's morning years passed,and only now i woke up,i look at me,my home,and my family,which are all things that i saw yesterday,but i feels as if i haven't saw those things in years,and this really scared me.

what could this be ?
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So ,there is something called derealization and depersonalization.  It's a true phenomenon with depression and anxiety.  It creates this kind of sense you describe.  Are you suffering from depression or anxiety?
i do have something,but i'm unsure if it counts as anxiety

in the past days i always had a feeling as if i was not capable to focus and that i would costantly change thoughts in my mind,as if i was never capable of focusing on one thing only and always had to change topic in my mind.

because of this i began suspecting that i could suffer from ADHD / ADD, a suspect that lasted for almost a month,untill this happened.

so now i'm not sure if i suffer of ADHD,depersonalization,both or neither
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Hm.  Well, the thing about add/adhd is that there would likely be signs all throughout your life. It doesn't usually just appear.  But maybe you are going through a difficult time.  Are you sleeping properly?
well,there were actually some signs of ADHD here and there throught my life

there were many occasions in which i had panic attacks that i was never able to explain the reasoning behind them,which is why after all these years i came to this conclusion (despite not having been diagnosized with it)

regarding sleeping i can't say that i did propely slept yesterdsy night,i constantly found myself waking up then going to sleep again right after and even when i finally managed to get some sleep i was literallly having dreams inside of other dreams
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Perhaps it's time for a full mental health evaluation then.  The issue of add/adhd can be dealt with through this evaluation along with the other mental health concerns.  Are you open to seeing a psychiatrist?
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