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I think I might be having a miscarriage

Okay so very long, I'll try to shorten it.
A couple weeks ago I felt really hot and nauseous, then had severe diarrhea. It continued for a couple days then everything was fine. On Friday the 9th, I ate a small bowl of chef boyardee and within 15 minutes I again felt hot and nauseous, then had diarrhea. I took an anti-diarrheal. The next day, I felt nauseous all day, no diarrhea though. Monday I again felt nauseous on and off. Tuesday it was getting worse. Wednesday I went to the emergency room since I couldn't see a doctor in time. They ran tests, said I wasn't pregnant. I don't know if they tested by blood or urine and if it was qualitative or quantitative. Couldn't find anything wrong with me, all my organs were normal, they took an x-ray and didn't see anything. They gave me anti-nausea medicine while I was in there and I felt a little better, could actually eat that day. The doctor said I probably have a stomach ulcer, and prescribed me antacids and gave me something for the nausea. Thursday I still felt crappy. Friday I woke up with very little nausea compared to the rest of the days, yet I had cramping. Figured it was stomach cramps. Later in the day, I started to have light bleeding, though it was more brownish than red. The next day, (yesterday) I had more intense cramps and heavier bleeding, I then knew I was getting my period. Here's what's strange though, I've been on birth control for years, never had irregular bleeding or early periods. I am not scheduled to get my period for another month. I also haven't had such intense symptoms since before I started birth control. I went to the hospital since the cramps were so severe. It was almost like having contractions. While there I felt the urge to have a bowel movement, so I went to the bathroom. I began pushing as one normally would, and all of the sudden I felt something in my vagina, which then came out. It was bloody, the size of half my palm. I immediately called in a nurse and asked her about it, she thought it was a tampon. When I said I don't and haven't ever worn tampons she said, "And you're sure you're not pregnant?". They collected the clot but I have yet to hear back on it. They took another blood test and again I was not pregnant. After passing the clot the cramps immediately got less severe and less often, yet as time went on they became more noticeable but still to today not as bad as they were yesterday. The doctor said it is possible that I was so early into the pregnancy and had a miscarriage, and that it would explain all my earlier symptoms. She was aware of my previous ER visit. So the doctor lets me leave after prescribing me ibuprofen 600mg(Which she shouldn't have because if the first doctor I saw on Wednesday is right about the ulcer, taking NSAIDS is just going to make it worse) I felt fine for once after I got home, I was able to eat again and didn't feel severely nauseous. The doctor failed to mention if I should continue the stomach medicines prescribed by the first doctor. So I leave the ER at 3:30, take the ibuprofen maybe an hour later, take a double dose of birth control as I was told to by the doctor at 5:30. I ended up eating the smallest slice of pizza and a small thing of apple sauce before 8. At a little before 8:30 I figured hey, let me take those antacids just in case. Literally within minutes I begin feeling extremely nauseous worse than I did all week. I immediately take the prescription reglan, which is for nausea I was told, and it didn't help. I chewed nauzene, which is an anti-nausea chewable. Didn't work. I sat by the toilet for over an hour until I realized if I hadn't already thrown up I probably wouldn't. Went to bed, woke up at 3:30 this morning with similar symptoms. Woke up at 8am and felt a little better but started to feel worse as I moved around. I've been in bed all day with nausea and cramping, still bleeding and passing clots. I've been doing a lot of research all day about miscarriages, ulcers, pregnancies. It is apparently possible that blood tests can be wrong, I saw many women posting about it even at 5 weeks. I also saw that I could be having signs of pregnancy very early, and severe nausea and cramping is a sign of miscarriage. I just want to know if anyone can relate or tell me about their miscarriage.
I had stomach flu last year and let me tell you, this is 10x worse than that. I have been sick 9 days now and it just keeps getting worse. The doctors in my town don't care about anything, especially at the hospital. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow, most likely going to try and see my gyno asap.
Please someone just help me I'm so miserable.
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I can't really compare to your story except for the clots. I did miscarry my baby and it sounds like you might have to. I'm sorry for your loss. When I was reading up on miscarriage those are the symptons I remember reading about but I didn't have any of them just bled before passing a clot the size of my palm followed by more small clots. I had a chemical pregnancy so I didn't need a D&C or anything. I hope all is well.
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What's a chemical pregnancy feel like and what is the different btw regular miscarriage?  I had a m/c in Feb at 7 weeks but i didn't have any pain or cramping.  It was based on my hcg being lower than the first test.  I didn't need a D&C either.  
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