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Pregnant after miscarriage?

Hi there

Looking for some advice from anyone who might know or anyone who has had the same experience.
I miscarried on April 15th at 7 weeks pregnant. At a follow up appointment one week later the nurse measured the HCG levels in my blood which were down to 17. She said they were happy with that and that there was no need for me to come back. So now 5 1/2 weeks later I havent had a period, took a HPT yesterday (May 23rd) which was positive, indicating I was 2-3 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is convinced its just the HCG still in my system. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as I'm very confused! Thank you x
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Hi first I am very sorry for your loss although I can relate I miscarried April 13 at 7 weeks and 4 days...I took a hpt 2 weeks after my miscarriage and it was negative...with your levels being only 17 at your follow up appt...and a hpt showing positive now I would think that you are pregnant again and should see your doctor to confirm....5 and half weeks after miscarriage you shouldnt have enough hcg in your body to show positive...I am no expert nor a doctor but i have been in your shoes...

good luck to you
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Thank you very much for your reply. I saw my doctor & it turns out I am pregnant although the he was unable to calculate my dates. I hope this one goes more smoothly than the last. Once again, thanks x
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Congratulations!!!!  I myself had a m/c on 3/22 and just found out that I am pregnnat again too.  I had blood drawn today to check the hcg levels and I will go back on Friday to make sure they are increasing but I am so nervous and anxious this time that the same thing is going to happen.  I hate this feeling.  I wish you good luck and a healthy pregnancy.  Good Luck :)
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Hi there, congratulations! I know how you're feeling, I'm so worried i'm sure it can't be helping! I hope your hcg levels are normal. I had mine taken last week & they were 3788! I didn't have them taken during the first pregnancy but I'm led to believe that over 3000 is a good sign. Just today I've started experiencing a little bit of mucus like discharge. Do you know if this is normal?  
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I WAS JUS WONDERING.... I M/C JUNE 12 I ASSUME THATS WHEN I HAD THE HEAVY BLEEDING.... MY LEVELS R WHAT THEY WERE... 413, 281,296,256, AND TODAY 269.... I HAD SEX LIKE THE LAS WK AND A HALF... BUT THE HCG TEST I TOOK THURS WAS THE 256 and then today got a 269 could i b preggo and i have an ultrasound tom... would they be able to tell if i am preggo? im confused and dont know if i need to wait a wk to do anything or what help me please... im having an ultrasound because my levels havent went down that much and he thinks there might be a cause for a d&c... but i clotted and bleed but it was like a very heavy period i was only like 4 wks when i fount out on the june 3rd
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I am sorry for your loss.  I too miscarried but I miscarried on 13th April.  It took me 37 days to get my first af and that was like my normal preiods post miscarriage.  I ovulated on day18 of the next month and got my first very faint positive at 10dpo.  I am now 6 weeks pregnant.  As every day goes by I am left petrified thinking I am going to miscarry again - it is not a nice way to feel so I have to reassure myself everything is going to be ok.

I hope that helps but I recommend you wait until you are physically and emotionally healed first.  I hope that helps
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well had an ultrasound today... nothing there at all... doctor dont understand y my levels are still in 200's... he said come back in a week and do more blood work and if they are anywhere to 200 to 400 then he is gunna give me this pill to take ... i dont remember the name except it starts with an m..... but what i have gotten preggo and thats y it went up... would it be above 400's next week if i was? i'd only be like a week or so preggos... i jus dont want to hurt n e thing if i was preggos again... by the way thank you rccresswell for the note it helps
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hey im going through the same thing' i was having twins an lost the 1st one end of may anf the other 11th june. i still havent had a period but my hcg levels were also down. ive been taking tests the past week an there all positive my midwife from my last pregnancy said it has to be a new pregnancy cause a test wouldnt pick up a low hcg count so both mine an your levels must be rising resulting in being pregnant again hope it helps x
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On the instructions to your tests it should tell you the sensitivity of the tests. If not I'm sure there is a website 'pee on a stick' I think it's called that will tell you.

Super_mommy11. I have had a similar experience to you with falling HCG and then slow rising and I have an ectopic pregnancy. The drug they gave me was methotrexate and it is pretty nasty. MAKE them do a U/S to check your tubes and let them monitor your levels. They will double every couple of days if it is a normal pregnancy. You can't detect a pregnancy on U/S until 5 weeks minimum and it has to be an internal. Also if they give you Methotrexate, you will not be able to TTC for three months.

Please read my post one Ectopic Pregnancy. I was convinced at 6 weeks it was in my tube and they messed about so much that I was 8 weeks before they scanned and did anything and the mass was 2.6cm!!
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they did an internal u/s and everything came up empty clear... i had some cyst but that was it.... he said that if they r in the range of 200 to 400 he'll give me that pill u said and i dont know if its a new pregnancy because if so i'd only be a wk or so...so thats y i thought it could be because it didnt rise much but jus a lil ... i dunno im confused.. basically stopped bleeding done passed everything ya know i hope everything goes good for everyone else !!!
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thursday (last wk) was 256 and tuesday (this week) was 269 so i dont know what to think... i misscarried on the 14th of june....  so nothing was in there on wednsday..... and me and hubby had sex all week last week
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Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xxxx
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ty but think ill be ttc again soon hopefully this wll work!!!!
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Hi all, been a while now from I started this thread.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I was so uncertain as to whether this was a new pregnancy or not. Im currently 30 weeks pregnant with my son. As advice to anyone who has suffered a miscarriage I would advise you not to wait as I feel the reason this pregnancy has went so smoothly so far is because everything was in preparation for being home to a little baby. Also mentally, although I often think of my lost little one, the kicks of my wee man make sure I dont get down for too long.

Good luck to all of you x

(Baby due 20th January 2011)
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