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when can i try again?

i found out thrusday gone, i was having a missed miscarriage, monday i had the medical tablets to make everything come away. i would like to know how long im going to bleed for?   when we can start trying again to conceive?
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sorry for ur lost...you can try TTC again as early as u want but dr recommended to us to wait first to have full cycle after m/c. i also done d&c yesterday 3rd tym. we'r dying also to have another child. the better is wait for the right tym u and ur partner are both ready to conceive again and ur health also. God Speed
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I'm so sorry for your loss!  I'm not sure how long you'll bleed for if it's natural.  I had a D&C and only bleed for about 24 hours, then a full week + later I bleed for a week as if it was a normal cycle (but it wasn't).

as for trying again, it is suggested to wait one cycle, if you had a D&C you need to wait the full cycle (or more if you want) to help replace the lining that was scraped out.  Other than that waiting a cycle is to help make sure you didn't miss anything (and think you're pregnant again when you really were still miscarrying), and to help date the pregnancy.  

I had a D&C and waited one cycle.
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My OB told me to wait until my next cycle as well, and said it wont appear for 4-8 weeks, mine appeared at 5 weeks.
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Sorry for your loss, I had a D&C following a missed miscarriage last week and have been told to wait at least one cycle but preferably two to make sure I am both physically and emotionally better.  The next few weeks are going to be very topsy turvey, give yourself time to heal.  I know it's excrutiating having to wait but it'll be worth it in the long run xx
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Hi ,
I'm so sorry for your loss. I had 2 m/c's and both were natural m/c's.  Average bleeding was a week - max is 2 weeks.  After, watch for signs of infection in case not everything was expelled ( fever, foul discharge, heavy bleeding over one pad an hour )  - go for an ultrasound after to see if the m/c was complete. If you are bleeding excessively go to your doctor.   I had light cramping after and was really exhausted. Hormones are still there so expect to feel very emotional ( not that you won't be with this loss ).   My OB said I could try after one cycle.  Let your body and heart heal in the meanwhile.  Good luck - I hope to see you on the pregnancy forum one day soon. Again, sorry for your loss.  This forum is THE place to go when you need support or to vent.  We've all been in your shoes so we know what you're going through.  
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So sorry for your loss. I suffered a natural m/c on the 1st Jan, bled till the 7th Jan. Doc told me to wait one cycle, didn't want to wait, ttc right after bleeding stopped! but on the 29th of Jan I got my period! Bleeding and cycle days differ from one person to the next. The only reason I could find for waiting one cycle was to determine due date. I've heard of lot of women who got pregnant straight after a m/c without waiting for their cycle, but I wasn't that lucky!
I feel your frustration to get pregnant again, been through the same.
Hoping you all the best!!!
Baby dust to all
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