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what will you recommend for diffuse cerebral atrophy?

hi doc,
             this is to find out about the rehabilitation process or type of exercises which can be advisable for a 10 months old baby girl whose recent MRI shows mild cerebral atrophy with encephalomalacic changes in both cerebral hemispheres. Mother and baby was suffering from chikungunya fever and was treated. baby  developed viral encephalitis and neonatal jaundice which was under control. baby is on anti convulsive treatment.
                                                                      Now baby have delayed milestones.head size is 40.5cms. birth weight  was 3.25kgs .There is no eye coordination .recently she started to crawl following one month of physiotherapy exercises.
i would like to know what kind of rehabilitation is needed and can u refer me few books in developmental therapy which will be useful for her.
                                              thanking you
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hi dr,my mother aged 63yrs,last oct '2011 she got admitted in hospital for neuro stroke,now dr suggested to take mri angiogram of brain.these are findings of mri angiogram of brain 1)Lacunar infarcts in bilateral subcortical frontal,parietal & occipital white matter.2)Acute infarct in left ACA territory.3)Diffuse cerebral & cerebellar atrophy.4)Occluded right ICA with reformation of MCA by PCOM.5)Atheromatous disease in left M1 with reduced calibre of M2/M3 and focal narrowing at M2.6)Faintly visualised bilateral ACA likely artefactual.7)Plaques in proximal basilar artery.8)Focal stenosis in right P1 segment,plaques inP2 segment and left fetal PCA.Please suggest the treatment for my mother to email id:raman_babu_76***@**** u
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Sorry to hear about the baby. She is too young to have all these problems. Encephalitis seems to have played a major role in the diffuse cerebral atrophy. I guess if they have adequately treated the encephalitis, the cerebral atrophy should be stable now. The atrophy should not worsen.

The best approach for treatment would be a regular non-ceasing physical therapy with additional occupational therapy from therapists who are specialized in children with such problems. We expect developmental delays across various skills, including speech. She will have to start speech therapy at appropriate age. An integrated approach will be the best thing for her.

Good luck.
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