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Persistant weight loss plateau

I have been on a primal diet (no starches, sugars, grains, or processed foods) for a year. Meaning, I eat fish, meat, nuts, healthy fats, a few berries, and plenty of green leafy vegetables. I have lost nearly 50 pounds, coming down from 255 to the current 207. However, I have stalled at 205 for the last 4 months regardless of my total calorie intake or how much I exercise. My goal is around 180 and the scale is not budging anymore.

I estimate that I consume about 1,500 Calories per day, of which about 90 grams are protein. The fats I consume are what's naturally found in meat and fish, as well as extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and avocados. I also take 2 to 4 fish oil capsules each day.

My exercise consists of vigorous walking at least 3 days per week plus progressive resistance. It is possible that at least some of this weigh is due to increased muscle mass (arms and legs are significantly firmer. Still, there is a tire around the gut and flab on the chest that literally must go.

I am a 57 year old male with normal hormone and thyroid levels. I feel much stronger and healthier than before and by blood lipid and cholesterol values are fantastically normal (now that all those carbs an no longer there to raise my triglycerides and LDL). I am extremely carbohydrate intolerant: I'll gain weight from the slightest amount of easily digested carbohydrates. Thus, the primal diet. It's worked wonders and all I need right now is get it moving again.


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It seems you have reached a plateau, which happens with weight loss. You are right that muscle weights more than fat. Suggest you continue with your routine of exercise (or increase some) and diet. Measure your body in areas you are concerned about instead of looking at the scale. Toning up the body will result in weight gain, due to gaining muscle mass but inches will decrease. Hoped this helped you.
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