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fear of being gay

The fact is that I am a boy who likes girls around. But sometimes, I see over other male bodies at swimming pools etc just to check out whether I am getting underarms, chesthair similarly or not. This makes me fear to be a gay. But I like girls, can't understand what's going on! Please help
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hey buddy, everyone checks himself at different instances of life and doubts on himself during stress times, the difference lies here that for ocd sufferers they notice these doubting characteristics during low stress also and also they experience severe anxiety , increase in heartbeat by just thoughts while non ocd sufferers will experience very less anxiety from these thoughts.

u can see yourself on which side do u lie, if yes then i would say dont make yourself shameful, because it is not ur fault, its mostly genetic and biological problem and we have to look for solution , which is not just medicines rather in ocd a special therapy known as cognitive behavior therapy is more successful , so please seek treatment
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There is nothing wrong with being gay and there is nothing wrong with looking at others of the same gender while being straight.
It's actually a pretty common fear for lgbt people to look at the other gender because they feel like people wont believe that they are lgbt. I know and have seen plenty.
We look at other people all the time and it doesn't change our sexuality whatever they may be.
It is also acceptable find a gender visually appealing but not sexually appealing. Anyone who thinks it's "wrong" is probably immature.
Like a girl you think is pretty but you wouldn't date.

Anyways if you are gay that's fine and if you aren't that's fine too.
Trust me if you were gay you would know.
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Hi there.  It is very, very natural for us to compare ourselves to others.  You are doing something that everyone of us do.  I even do it and I'm 50.  I notice other women, how they look, what they are wearing because I want to look as good as them...not because I'm gay.  Don't give this thought any credit.  It is just your mind playing tricks on you.  You are not gay.  
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