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Achilles Rupture & Possible Muscle Rupture

Dr., My husband has a Ruptured Achilles Tendon and possibly a Ruptured Muscle also. It happened in Oct. 2009 went to the E.R. got an ex-ray and hes been limping on it ever since. Three weeks ago saw a internal medicine Doc. he did ex-ray and says it looks like muscle may be ruptured also and to see a specalist. Heres my problem..we dont have health insurance and my husband knows he will have to have surgery and in no way can he be out of work for any period of time! He is in constant pain but I cant get him to do anything about it. No Dr. will give him pain meds. to help him with the pain either. If he had to have surgery ( which the dr. told him he would) we would lose our home! Really! I can get help with the medical bills but no way for income. He has to take a few days off every week or so just to rest from the pain not to mention he cannot sleep for the cramps and pain. My ? is if he continues on like this what could be the end result in his health? Could he get a blood clot or become physically disabled as in never walk again? I am just a worried wife and want him to get his leg fixed but he refuses because there will be no income other than mine which is not enough to mention. We would surely be out on the street. And no there is no family that will help or can help. I need some answers ASAP!! Thanks
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Will I get a Dr. to answer my ? here or not?
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