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Literally felt like something snapped in half in my right buttock!!! HELP

I had a L5/S1 fusion 17mths ago and while it’s supposed to be 100% healed I still have pain in my back/butt/leg and I still have a bulging disc about the fusion.  I started bowling again after 9yrs the beginning of January and throwing my 3rd ball I felt something literally snap in my right butt cheek and it was and still is very painful! I still take an anti-inflammatory, one in the morning and one at night and a muscle relaxer at night since surgery.  I can’t wipe my right foot on the rug, hurts to get up in a vehicle, if I can’t use my cruise control (if the weather is bad like it has been here) then my leg and butt and back are killing me by the time I get to where I am going, I have to be careful how I walk if I slip or misstep my whatever is wrong in my butt cheek feels like it’s snapping all over again and it just hurts so bad.  I am going to the Dr. on Thursday but just trying to figure out what it could possibly be.
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