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Long Term Hamstring and Adductor Pain

About a year ago, I was workout out and slipped while doing a broad jump. It felt as if I injured the upper, inner part of my hamstring near the glute, but the pain was mild so I continued the workout. After resting for several weeks, I returned to normal activity. I began playing rugby and realized that the injury had not gone away. Quick side to side movements and sprinting gradually brought back the pain I was experiencing when I injured it originally. The pain remained mild, however, and I played the next 3 months despite pain after practices and games. The next morning, pain would disappear. Finally, I decided to go to a doctor who recommended an MRI and decided physical therapy for 3 to 6 months was the way to go. I did exactly as I was told and felt a full recovery had been made about 5 months later. I went wakeboarding at about the 6th month and afterwards realized that I had reinjured myself. This pain was constant and more like the pain I experienced when originally being injured. It also felt more towards the inside of my leg than before. After rest, a sufficient recovery was not made and I began rehabbing for adductor tendinopathy. Some progress has been made, but a full recovery feels too far off. Rugby starts up again in 6 weeks, and I will be absolutely demoralized if I am unable to play.

I have done countless hours of research, but I am not a doctor. My guess at a self diagnosis is adductor tendinopathy as I stated before. I have read about the differences between tendonitis and tendinosis and feel that tendinosis is probably a better description of my symptoms. Other conditions, such as osteitis pubis, have some similar symptoms, but I'm not sure how to determine what I have and how to get better from here. I literally spend at least 1 hour a day at least 3 times a week looking on the internet for a solution to my problem and have found things such as prolotherapy but am unsure if what I have can be fixed by prolotherapy. I just want to be able to exercise normally and eventually play rugby again. Thank you very much.
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I can sympathize with you..i have no answers but wish you all the best at finding the right and best doctor..i don't even know what kind of doctor to see..
i have been in PT for about 8 months (this time) and it gets really old doing everything you are supposed to do and still can't get back function. I hope to find a doc that knows what to do.

my issue s not an injury..it just happens..

I have something going on with my muscles and tendons and no one knows. currently, the past 3 months the muscle in my neck, below the ear that goes to the shoulder is so tight and sore.hard to turn my head at times.
. also the hamstring? i think it is ….IDK, the thick tendon/muscle behind the knee? and the one by the groin…
the doc prescribed me 3 valium pills when this happened to my neck now the legs? IDK
..i am calling today as the doc said to not wait to call when this happens as it has to be released right away.. the pills help then it comes back

i do light yoga/streatching and am very gental with activities…but now just daily chores are hard to do.. i try RICE
Rest Ice Compress Elevate
i try heat.
i take baths and use arnica creme..
drinking a lot more water now too..IDK
my best to your recovery.

very frustrating...
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