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MRI Arthrogram on 13 yo's shoulder

Our son is scheduled for an MRI Arthrogram of his right shoulder.  I hear this is very painful.  I understand we all have different pain levels, and I wanted to get others opinions, so I can have him adequately  prepared.  He dove for a fumble and jammed his shoulder and rolled over his arm.  He heard and felt it pop.  He thought it was a stinger at first and went back in the game.  Only to realize he couldn't move or use his arm   The trainer said it was a broken collar bone, the ER doc said it was a 1st degree AC Separation and put him in an immobilizer and told time to take ibuprofen until we saw the Ortho doc.  This doctor feels it is perhaps a SLAP Tear, hence the MRI.  He is not a big fan of surgery on 13 year olds, but rather PT and getting the inflammation down.   I would love to hear your thought and opinions.    Thank you!
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I think this link will put your mind at ease:  http://www.radiologyinfo.org/en/info.cfm?pg=arthrog . Best of luck to your son. :-)
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