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Query regarding Calcitonin Salmon

My mother (age: 56+ yrs) is a patient of Hypothyroidism (Eltroxin 75 mcg), Hypertension (Olsar 40) & Osteoarthritis in left knee joint along with early bony Osteoporosis. In Feb, 2014 she was also diagnosed with vitamin-D3 deficiency (14 ng/mL where lab range is between 30 & 60), after which she was on orthopedic medications as follows -
1) DV 60 K (once a week for 8 weeks + once a month for 10 months)
2) Zedfit (Collagen Peptide) powder (since last 8 months)
3) Shelcal CT (500 mg daily) - taking past 2 weeks
4) Calcitonin Salmon nasal spray (200 IU daily) - taking past 2 weeks

1) She has been using Calcitonin Salmon (200 IU daily) nasal spray past 2 weeks. However, she does not experience any improvement. Moreover, she is having stiffness & pain in knee joints since last few days. Are these common side effect of Calcitonin ?

2) How much time it takes for Calcitonin Salmon to get some relief ? Is it also supposed to reduce joint pain or, it only improves bone density ?

3) My mother had vitamin-D3 deficiency (14 ng/mL where 30 < R < 60) in Feb, 2014 after which she was started on DV 60 K (once a month now) & Shelcal CT (500 mg daily since past 2 weeks). Considering her poor vitamin-D3 level in Feb, 2014 are these supplements good enough for Calcitonin to work properly ?

4) In internet there are some articles talking about cancer risk of Calcitonin Salmon for long term usage. Is it a real concern & for usage of how long ?
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