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What kinds of exercises help with dorsal wrist pain during push ups?

Whenever my wrists are in extension and bear the load of my bodyweight the top part at the joint has a sharp pain. My wrists aren't very mobile, so I'm thinking it could be in part due to that. However, both of my wrists are equally immobile/inflexible, but only the right one has the dorsal pain (which leads me to believe it's a stability or strength issue in that wrist). My main question is what kind of exercises should I do to fix this pain? Would it be doing reps of putting the wrist in flexion with resistance or extension with resistance? Or both perhaps? I also noticed ulnar deviation is weak on that wrist.. could that be linked to pain in push ups or is that unlikely? Thanks for any advice!
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Posted an answer here, it's gone.  Can't go over all of it again, but basically, if push ups are hurting you, don't do them.  Rest the wrist, ice, and elevate.  If it doesn't improve, see an orthopedic surgeon for a diagnosis.
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