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5 years of fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer

I iam 63 years old  and i  have stage 4 ovarian cancer after 5 years of chemo and remission 4 times now all of  a sudden my ca 125 is at 171.2 a month ago had a ct scan  because of ca 125 was at 81 doctor had told me  it showed all tumors are calcified.I will be asking for a pet scan today .tell me what you think is going on if you have any ideas.       thanks.aricci63 of nys
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Oh my gosh, I am sure anything that changes scares you!  I am glad you are in remission. Let's keep it that way, right?!  So, you had your regular check and your CA 125 number has had a significant jump? I am sure the number of 171 is triggering them to look deeper into why it's at that level.  It was at 81 a month ago and they didn't do a pet scan then? That surprises me. You are a young woman.  Remember, ovarian cancer does have the best chance of being successfully treated when caught early. But I'm sure you have incredible anxiety right now. When is your pet scan?
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And they've identified calcified tumors already?  Just trying to understand. I'm sending you the biggest of hugs right now.  Let me know what your doctor says.  You do need to evaluate this further and pronto.
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