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CA 125

I am 55, had 3C ovarian cancer in 2019. Six rounds of chemo (carboplatin/taxol). Complete resection. On Lynparza since then. Ca 125 at 8 since then, went down almost instantly from 4490 after first chemo. My Ca 125 is now at 118, with no apparent reason, and nothing on the CT scan I had. I feel great but I am worried. I had a bout of arthritis when I did the blood test, with pain in my hands, a red swollen finger and a deformed joint. And sinusitis at the same time. I doubt sinusitis had anything to do with my Ca 125, but I am wondering about there arthritis. Anyone know anything? Thanks and best wishes to all, Alexa
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Hello, welcome to the forum. You've had quite a journey!  I think it is understandable to be nervous and we hope that by now, you've resolved the concern with your doctor. Can you update us? If the number continues to rise, your doctor may order a PET scan.  However, CA 125 can rise unrelated to cancer for a variety of reasons. https://www.webmd.com/ovarian-cancer/ca-125-test  This link has a list of several 'other' things that can result in a rise in CA 125.  Please let us know how you are doing.
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