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Becoming extremely worried

Hi I am a 23 year old black female and I'm very worried about ovarian cancer.. I feel like I have all the signs and cancer runs on my dad's side of the family.. I've been pooping a lot I don't really have an appetite as of like 3 days ago I have body aches I'm peeing frequently I'm having back pains I'm nauseous I've had headaches I have gas like crazy my stomach feels weird it's a strange feeling in my stomach and vagina I also feel kinda bloated.. And the list goes on.. I went to the hospital I have bv and I got checked for a uti but that came back clear.. Please help any advice I really think I have it does this sound like ovarian cancer? Any answers are greatly appreciated!
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Unless you have a BRCA mutation you have a less than 1% of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cysts can cause problems. I would get a vaginal ultrasound to be safe. The cancers you worry about in the 50's age group or earlier are Ovarian, Triple Negative Breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Later breast or prostate cancer are less likely with BRCA. Non BRCA breast cancer will not be triple negative usually. I am BRCA 1 positive.


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