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Complex Multiseptated cystic mass

Good morning,
So my story... after a fall on my behind they did a CT.
Ct showed an incidental finding of a mass on my left ovary.
To the Dr. I go who orders an ultrasound, Transvaginal and pelvic.
Here is what it showed.
There is a large multiseptated mass with echogenic debris in the left ovary measuring 10.2x6.8x7.2 cm essentially involving the entire left ovary. Vascularity; Intact Adnexa
Free fluid none

Impression: Complex multiseptated cystic mass essentially involving the entire left ovary measures 10.2 x 6.8 x 7.2 cm. A cystic ovarian neoplasm is not excluded. Correlate clinically with CA 125 levels and consider consultation with gyn. Follow-up imaging as clinically warranted.
2. Uterus is surgically absent without other acute pathology.

Is it more likely to be cancerous if it is complex multiseptated?

I had a GYN appointment here at Ft Riley yesterday and this is what she said.
Can't say for sure if it is or is not cancer. She did order more blood tests.. I guess they are more specific for Ovarian Cancer.
The Carcinoembryonic AG, Cancer AG 19-9, AFP Tumor Marker and an FSH. They are all greek to me!! Well, not the FSH.
All the cancer ones are sent out but when I checked today my CA 125 and FSH were done and they read CA 125 is 11.2 and the FSH is 17.6.
She did say that if the markers come back normal then they will do surgery here at Ft. Riley. If they are abnormal then they will send to KU for a gyno oncologist to remove.
It is coming out no matter what the outcome due to its size, as is other ovary as well...
I should have the other bloodwork back Wednesday or Thursday.
Has anyone ever had normal bloodwork and still had it be cancerous?

I know this is kinda all over the place...

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Hi shari_w.  Have you had any updates since you last posted?
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Most cysts, even complex multi-septated ones are benign. Unfortunately, ovary (ies) as well as the uterus are oftentimes removed unnecessarily. Less than 10% of female organ removal surgeries are done for confirmed cancer. Numerous studies show that removal of any part of the female "reproductive" system does more harm than good.

Your situation is similar to what I experienced 13 years ago. I was rushed into surgery for a 9.5 cm complex cyst that I told may be cancer. A frozen section was done while I was in the operating room. Even though it was benign, my surgeon continued to remove the rest of my organs. The after effects have been beyond devastating. My regret consumes my every thought on a daily basis.

A surgeon with good cystectomy skills should be able to remove the cyst and save your ovary if the cyst is benign. And there should be no reason to remove any other parts.

I have connected with so many women who are suffering after organ removal. A recent comment midway through this thread - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/2256660#post_14451187 - is from a woman (Krista) whose organs were needlessly removed for a basketball sized benign ovarian cyst.

I would be happy to share the after effects as well as some studies if you'd like.
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I only have my ovaries left. I had a hysterectomy in 09 due to fibroids and family history. I am going to read the link in your comment.
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Hi.  So sorry you have to have this worry, sweetie. I know it is scary.  Now, this is just my non medical doctor take on what you've written Shari, but you seem to look to have just a complex cyst and not ovarian cancer.  The blood work so far that you have reported here does not seem to indicate cancer.  They probably won't one hundred percent know until they remove it and biopsy it.  But they'll have a strong indication when they choose if you will go to a regular doctor to remove it or a gyn onc type of doctor.  When my mother in law had ovarian cancer, she was immediately referred to a specialist in the area of treating women's cancers.  When are the marker tests due back?

CA125 can be elevated for different reasons than cancer but yours does not appear elevated.  

Did I miss your age, by the way?  And you've had a  hysterectomy?   Big hugs.  I know you are worried.  
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I am 54 and had a hysterectomy in 09 due to fibroids.  So far markers are wnl and still waiting on one to come back. I have been told that I should have an gyn oncologist do the surgery anyway in case it is as markers don't always catch?  
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