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Ovarian Solid Mass

Hi Everyone,

I just recently had several  Transvaginal Ultrasounds done at my doctors and they have found with both Ultrasounds solid masses on my left ovary, my first ultrasound was taken in november 5th, 2015 and another one on november 25th,2015 and yet another one last week. Each time they found a solid mass, which in turn has grown since the first finding of it...My question is, now they want a CT Scan done next week asap... Should I be concerned? there is no liquid in these just solid masses. Thank you all in advance... I am getting kinda worried here or should I not be concerned. No past female problems at all.
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98% of ovarian masses are benign. Unless you have the BRCA mutation which is rare. You would have close relatives have ovarian cancer young. You have a 1.4% of ovarian cancer in a life time. If it were the worst case scenario they are getting it early. I had cancer spread all over and they saw it in the ultra sound. I think the doctors are cautious. Think of all the extra checks for breast cancer that turn out okay. The statistics are with you. It is good they are checking I had full blown cancer for years before the checked. I was throwing for years. I do have the BRCA mutation and lots of people with reproductive cancer in their 40's and 50's in my family.

Thank you Alex,  I have a history of cervical cancer, I had it around 5 years before the doctors caught that. I was stage 4, they gave me surgery and told me that it was always possible for me to once again get cancer.. That is why I am so concerned with these masses.
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That puts a different slant. Let us hope it is not cancer. I am glad they are taking it seriously. Let me know how it goes.


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