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Pelvic CT scan Findings, Please help!

I got my medical reports from my GI.  To my surprise, there are some " abnormal findings", which are not informed by my GI at all.  She had told me my CT scan was normal.   The findings that worry me are below:

There is a calcified pelvic phlebolith.  There is minimal arterial vascular calcification.  There is a 10mm low density lesion in the cervix likely representing a nabothian cyst.  There is demonstrable pelvic mass, ascities, inflammatory change or pathologic lymphadenopahty.  

I was on my period on my day for pelvic CT scan.  Could  that " pelvic mass" be from my period, or the cyst... or something worse?   Now I am really worried about those surprising findings..  Shall I be worried?   Please advise.  Any input is appreciated.
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I would call the doctor and ask that each of these findings be explained to your satisfaction.  If anything sounds questionable, seek another opinion.  Good luck to you. Marie
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  Sorry but I am at a loss when it comes to making sense of medical and pathology reports. But as Marie says, if you are concerned, contact your Dr and ask him about it and why you were not told anything. And yes, if there should be anything that causes concern with you, find another Dr who will take the time out for you.
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