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ovarian cyst rupture pain

i have had ovarian cysts in the past and they are the most painful thing i have ever encountered. i had one rupture on me 2 weeks ago. i am still having pain in my lower stomach, bloating,  and now very painful sex, poops and pees. which is something that i have never had before when this has happen. i have always had rough periods, heavy flow and bad bad cramps. i was wondering if i should be worried about this?
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It could be just recovering from the ruptured cyst that is still causing issues however it could also be Endometriosis or Adenomyosis.

When is the last time you had a pelvic ultrasound?

Did you go to the hospital or did your doctor say it was just a ruptured cyst?

Endometriosis will not show on a scan unless there is an Endometrioma cyst (blood filled)

If you want you can read my journals to see if you can relate to them and if it sounds like what you are going through. Also you can google both of those and see if some of the symptoms match with yours

If it does then I would recommend going to your gynecologist to tell her that you suspect it could be however a lot of Gynos don't have a lot of experience or knowledge with this disease so it might be best to find an Endometriosis specialist.

This is just my opinion based on experience I am no doctor. I went undiagnosed for 17 yrs and when I see posts like this I throw it out there so that women are aware of the possibility as doctor miss it most of the time.

Let me know once you have looked into it.
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when i went into the ER they did a CSCAN and said there was no signs of anymore cysts and that my stomach was full of fluids. they didnt tell me what kind of fluid or that it was a cyst that had ruptured. But i have had them before and knows what it feels like when they burst. i have landed in the ER 3 times before this of because of them. I was looking around online last night before i posted this and saw Endometriosis and thought it kinda explained alot of what would be going on with me. The only thing that didnt fit was that my periods only last up to 7 days and never spot when i am not on my period. although my cramps that i get with my period are killer and i bleed really heavy in the first 3 days. I just send a request to the ER i went to for my medical records i wanted to take them to someone else to have them look at what they wrote and my CSCAN from this one that just burst and all the other ones too. I hope this helps with the info you where looking for and thank you so much for responding it means alot :)
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I responded but now its showing I didnt. Hmmm.

Okay what it sounds like is it is Endo. Just because you don't have breakthrough bleeding during the month means nothing. I had no spotting just irregular periods and excruciating pain during my period and random rectal pains and ovulation pains and I had stage IV Endo.

Everyone with Endo has different symptoms but for the most part it is usually the same things such as painful periods, irregular periods, painful bowel or bladder (different with everyone depending on the extent of the endo) nausea, headaches etc.

I honestly need to tell you that you need to find an Endo specialist because Endo needs to be excised out not lasered. They will use laser for some parts but for most of it excision (CUT OUT) this is crucial because if it is not done by a skilled surgeon you could end up like many women out there that have had over 20+ surgeries because it was not done properly.

The fluid seen inside is most likely blood mixed with other fluids. If there is fluid in the cul de sac most like this is Endo. Fluid in other places could also mean that a cyst ruptured as well.

Fact 1: Endo will grow back
Fact 2: No medication suppresses Endo just your period so you don't get the regular monthly pains. Most gynos have no idea because they have always been told it keeps the Endo at bay but that is false.
Fact: 3 Lupron is the drug of choice for most Endo surgeons. This drug will put you straight into menopause and is not worth the side effects and can have some long term permanent ones as well. Some people respond to it differently but I would suggest you do not take it as the BCP taken continuously will do the same thing with less side effects.

I hope some of this helps.
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