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crazy with stress

what is it when you go crazy with a lot of stress, stop thinking, incredible mental pain?
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I have for a while now not to  let my thoughts get to the point where they make the worries and the problems worse, it is impossible to experience any negative feeling without first creating a negative corresponding thought.,truth is ,our thinking will always create the reality we perceive,however we can recognise that the actual source of our experience ,is always ,our thinking.Can you give us more to go on..what is your stress?
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Panic, anxiety attack. flashback coming on, despair over agony of fluctuating feelings---these feeling describe trauma, and deserved studied and careful responses.

seek counseling and peer support. Write back for peer support. many like me also suffer


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You ask what it is? It is time to make a trip to the doctor and see if he/she thinks you need a little extra help wit meds and/or therepy to get you thru. You did not say wether it is situational or chronic but either way, a little help goes a long way. You can also come here and vent with us, sometimes just getting it off your shoulders and talking about it helps. Hugs...
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Right Teko thats why we have come here to listen to others point of view and get some feed back, and be able to give it, it is part of the healing process, I at least have found it true.and have been helped on many occasions,
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wilbz,  it sounds like you're describing panic.  

I've had anxiety for a couple years which began with some really terrible stuff,  but when the terrible things were resolved I was still left with the anxiety.  

Several things help for me.  Getting outside in the fresh air,  especially if it's a sunny day,  exercising,  and writing my feelings.  When I write,  I start with three columns:  

1.  The problem
2.  What is the worst that can happen
3.  What is likely to happen
4.  What can I do about it

The problem really shrinks for me when I write it out that way,  and somehow it's comforting to write the "worst" that can happen because seeing it in writing you realize how unlikely it is.    In the middle of the night that outcome seems terrifying,  but in the clear light of morning I feel better.

I also agree with Margy that if you can manage to make yourself stop thinking about it,  and discipline yourself to cut off the negative thoughts when they first begin,  that REALLY helps.

I hope you keep coming here for support and ideas,  and you'll find advise that strikes a cord with you.

Best wishes.
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That is exactly how I would describe panic, I would go into a store and have to leave as my thoughts just wouldnt let me do anything "normal"  from reading about panic and anxiety,   I had to stay, what was going to happen, what was the worst that could happen, and after a few weeks I think I had actually brainwashed myself, Now dont get me wrong even the other day, I woke up feeling panicky, I said over and over , its okay nothing is happening, you will feel okay soon. and I switched off from the obsessive thoughts that were causing it, simplistic I know ,but thats what I am saying try the simple stuff first . This is truly what its all about and 'chit chatting" with regular folks for their input and what they have been through and hopefully overcome.  
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We can help you find professional treatment, which most health care experts recommend. You can decide how much you wnat to reveal to anyone.

Members here will also help with other healing resources, and share their healing processes with you.
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Amen.... and thats what it is all about,
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We do no hane everything dolved,but we care about helpimh you.
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Sorry about typos.
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I have to agree with the others...panic/anxiety is terrible...I have found much appreciated support from both professionals and others who have experienced the same thing...I am definitely a "work in progress"... Good luck to you.
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